In 2011, the Immanuel Presbyterian Church in San Jose, California ended its 46 year ministry and closed its doors. The church’s unspent funds were donated to the Presbytery of San Jose as seed money for the purchase of a residence to provide transitional housing to both individual refugees as well as refugee families. A fundraising campaign was subsequently launched, and within two years sufficient monies were raised to complete the purchase of what is today Immanuel House.

The 1907 guesthouse underwent extensive remodeling which included new plumbing, electrical, and heating systems, a new roof and reconfiguring the home to include a living room, dining room, kitchen and bedrooms to accommodate up to 12 residents.

Immanuel House welcomed its first refugees in November 2015. The home includes six bedrooms, which can accommodate up to 12 residents, and a private apartment for the Residence Manager.